The idea of a new BMW supercar have been floating around for years, and we have covered the topic extensively here, here and here, and we have seen plenty of renderings, like the ones here and here.

And today, we have a new set of renderings produced by Radion Design who take upon themselves the challenge to envision what a potential BMW M9 could look like. The futuristic images build atop BMW’s iconic design elements, like the kidney grille and double-round headlamps (now more C-shaped). The car was also given the traditional long hood and short overhangs, along with a lower stance for the supercar effect.

BMW M9 Rendering

The rendered M9 can be described as a combination between a GT car and a high-performance vehicle, one that compete even at the level of a Ferrari, if properly powered.

Clearly this is just a design fantasy, but nonetheless interesting to see what the BMW community can produce on their spare time.

BMW M9 RenderingBMW M9 RenderingBMW M9 RenderingBMW M9 RenderingBMW M9 RenderingBMW M9 Rendering

[Source: Carbuzz]

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