CAR magazine adds more fuel to the fire by reporting on BMW’s plans to unveil an M8 supercar in 2016. The topic of BMW supercars has been debated and discussed to exhaustion (we have covered the topic extensively here, here and here) and over the years the rumored supercar project went from being greenlighted (according to insiders) to being canceled due to the lack of a business case.

So let’s see what CAR is reporting this time. Apparently a 600 horsepower supercar is being called internally M8 and is slated to launch to market on BMW’s 100th birthday in 2016.

More speculations: BMW M8 supercar coming in 2016

Without quoting any sources, the UK publication says that the M division boss Friedrich Nitschke has proposed that the M8 shares the exotic carbonfibre and aluminum underpinnings of the i8 plug-in hybrid due in 2014, a statement derived most likely from several interviews the M boss has given and in which he mentioned that IF there will be a supercar it would make sense to reuse some of the tech developed for the i8.

Furthermore, the rumormill churns that a V8 twin-turbocharged engine will be fitted under the hood and will develop 600 horsepower. The assumption is that a 0 to 62 mph time will stop the clock at 3.0 seconds while the top speed will be at 200 mph.

If the tech in the i8 is being used, it is expected that the M8 would be considerably lighter than rivals like the 1485kg Ferrari 458 and 1560kg Audi R8, an ambitious goal.

What about the business case? Well, it seems like BMW’s top boss Norbert Reithofer is not sold on the idea of a supercar so further convincing will need to occur.

In the  past, some of our sources mentioned that M folks have been seen behind the wheel of supecars from other brands, but that’s a long shot to publicly declare that an M8 is close to reality.

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