The BMW M4 will come to market in 2014 as 2015 Mode Year. The new designation of the M3 Coupe now switches to the M4 moniker while the M3 badging will be used for the sedan variant.

The F82 M4 Coupe is based on the new 4 Series Coupe and as seen in the regular series, it will differentiate itself from the 3 Series family through a sleeker front apron and slightly redesigned headlights. The coupe roofline gives the car a sleek look which will further differentiate the coupe from the M3 sedan.

At the front, the BMW M4 will feature design elements from the M6 and 1M coupe, including the Air Curtains seen first on the BMW 1M and more recently on the M6 Coupe and Convertible. The air vents are large in size with angled fins that give the car not only a road-focused look, but also a dominating stance. The M4 Coupe will also get a hood bulge, for both aesthetic and aerodynamic reasons.

Renderings: 2015 BMW M4

The F80 and F82 M3 and M4 drop the V8 naturally-aspirated engine in favor of a new inline-six engine that sources say will develop around 450 horsepower. The new M4 is expected to be slightly faster than the current E92 generation thanks to a lower weight achieved by use of lightweight materials, such as aluminum and carbon fiber.

The engine is mated to a double-clutch transmission 7-speed transmission. The U.S. enthusiasts will most likely see a manual transmission option as well.

BMW will launch the M3 sedan in late 2013 while the M4 will debut in Spring 2014.

Renderings: 2015 BMW M4

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