Autocar UK reports on BMW’s plans to introduce the second generation X6 within the next 18 months. According to Greg Kable, a well connected journalist, the new X6 Sports Activity Coupe brings out a more aggressive styling than the current model which has been a hit in markets like Russia, North America and China.

Same report based on inside sources say that the new X6 will move further away from the X5 in terms of design and shape. One source said: “We want to give our sporting models a more individual look, separating them more visually from the more practical models in our line-up.”

Length wise, the second-generation X6 will grow from 4877mm to about 4910mm which will add some extra interior space, a quirk that many found in the first generation. The is said to also have a longer wheelbase and wider tracks since its based on a shortened version of the new F15 X5 platform.

Rumormill: Next Generation BMW X6 Rendering & Info

A marginal rise in length ― from today’s ― is aimed at providing the new X6 with added levels of interior space, something that BMW sources identify as a weak point with the first-generation

Described by insiders as being more sophisticated than that used by the first-generation X6, the composite steel structure is claimed to bring significant weight savings due to the use of a higher percentage of hot-formed high-strength alloys. Further weight savings are said to be achieved via new axle assemblies shared with the 5 Series. Unlike today’s model, which receives a mechanical torque-vectoring system, the new one is set to adopt an electronic system in a move that, insiders suggest, brings further weight reductions.

Lower-end models will ride on steel springs while top-end X6s will continue with self-leveling air suspension.

Other latest tech updates include a new “FlexRay” system.

In the power department, we expect to see a wide range of petrol and diesel units, including the tri-turbo 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine and the 4.4 liter V8.

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